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Idaho’s Unemployment Rate Continues Downward Trend

In August, the rate dropped a tenth of a point, falling to 4.7 percent.
Last August the rate was 6.2 percent.

Now nearly two points lower, new initiatives from the Idaho Department of Labor look to continue the positive trend.

“We’re in the process right now of hiring a lot of new grads.”

An initiative is taking place in Idaho to keep recent graduates in the state, instead of moving elsewhere.

Dan Cravens is a regional economist with the Idaho Department of Labor. He explained, “one of the reasons that’s important is our economic development and our success is tied to the quality of our workforce so the more well educated, well-trained people, the more we are able to recruit employers offering higher paying jobs.” launched September 8th.

The website is designed to make it easy for graduates or people living in different states to apply for jobs locally.

Cravens added, “we want to help keep young people in the state as best we can. We’ve gotten hundreds of resumes and already hundreds of individuals have been assisted. Its really been quite exciting and this is a proactive way that we are trying to bring people back to Idaho.”

Certain facilities in the area offer incentives to college graduates to encourage them to apply.

Christopher Frix of Bridgeview Estates noted, “in hopes of retention we do offer them quite a bit to stay here, one of which is tuition reimbursement. After a year of employment with our facility we look at 10% tuition reimbursement if the staff is eligible.”

By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )