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Ten Rules Smart Job-Seekers Break Every Day

One thing every job-seeker learns over time is that you can’t get a great job by following the traditional job-search rules.

You know the rules I’m talking about:

• Don’t use “I” in your resume

• Reply to a job ad only in the exact manner specified in the ad

• Use boring jargon like “Results-oriented professional” in your resume

• Wait around for weeks between contacts from the company recruiter, and don’t complain

• Give up your salary details to anyone on the employer side who asks for them

I could go on and on. The traditional job search protocol is well-known and incredibly frustrating to talented job-seekers who are tired of being treated like dirt. When you know you’ve got skills, insights and experiences that could help an organization succeed, it’s beyond discouraging to take that organization’s abuse, whether it’s intentional or not!

Following the rules will not get you the job you deserve. It might get you a job that will dim your flame, suck away your mojo and leave you depleted and angry. You deserve better than that!

You can break the rules on our list above and you must if you want to take your job search up to a higher level. Let’s start with the second rule on our  list to see how this rule-breaking activity works. Almost everybody has been trained to apply for a job by completing an online job application, as specified in the job ad.

If you don’t follow the rules, goes the traditional thinking,  you could be tossed out of the running for a job you want — and even blackballed from that company forever!

Let’s get real for a second. If a company would really put your name on a list and never interview you because way back in 2016 you had the nerve to approach a hiring manager directly rather than completing an online job application, would you even consider working for that company anyway?

We are all entrepreneurs now. You have a business, and that business is called Your Career. Why are you responsible for reading job ads in the first place? You can reach out to any hiring manager you like. If they have a need for someone like you they may contact you.

That way, you don’t have to reduce your brilliant background down to keywords and go through the hoops and mindless exercises that the typical overwrought, poorly-designed and insulting corporate and institutional recruiting pipeline requires of you.

There is a better way to get a job. You can send customizedPain Letters to each hiring manager on your target employer list. To do that you must locate your hiring manager (here’s how) and then compose a Pain Letter just for him or her.

You don’t have to wait until the hiring manager on your list places a job ad. It doesn’t matter whether they have a job ad published anywhere, or not. They may still have pain that you can help them solve!

You’ll need a Human-Voiced Resume to send with your Pain Letter in an envelope, through the mail. You’ll need an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, as your hiring manager is likely to jump straight over to your LinkedIn LNKD +0.13% profile to learn more about you (and see your photo, let’s be honest) as they read your Pain Letter and Human-Voiced Resume.

Now you have a new way to get a job. You don’t have to follow the ancient, crusty rules. Here are all ten rules smart job-seekers have learned to break:

1. Don’t use “I” in your resume

2. Reply to a job ad only in the exact manner specified in the ad

3. Use boring jargon like “Results-oriented professional” in your resume

4. Fill up your resume with keywords in order to make it through the keyword-searching filter

5. Wait around for weeks between contacts from the company recruiter, and don’t complain

6. Give up your salary details to anyone on the employer side who asks for them

7. Show up to a job interview as a meek little Sheepie Job Seeker, ready to answer questions the same way any other job-seeker would answer them

8. Sit through job interviews where you are dissed and insulted, or abandoned in the lobby or a conference room

9. Answer intrusive and impolite interview questions like“What’s your greatest weakness?”

10. Take whatever job offer you are given

It’s a new day! Your mojo will power your job search. It is the most important asset you’ve got.

Break at least one of these job-search rules every day and keep this in mind: only the people who get you, deserve you!

Written by Liz Ryan AUG 8, 2016 @ 02:53 PM