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Burley Office Resume Builder

December 12, 2017

Hello and thank you for using the Burley Office Resume Builder!! We can help you create a professional looking resume that you can use in your job search!! Please click on the link below and download/print.  When the form is complete you can bring it into our office at 1711 Overland Ave. Burley,… Read More

Goal Setting That Gets Results

November 4, 2016

Setting goals is the best way to get what you really want. There are two ways to get results in goal setting. One is the traditional way—the way you are probably most familiar with. The other is what I call the natural way. There are pros and cons… Read More

10 Best Job Interview Tips for Job-Seekers

September 13, 2016

Best Job Interviewing Tips for Job-Seekers 1. Conduct Research on the Employer, Hiring Manager, Job Opportunity. Success in a job interview starts with a solid foundation of knowledge on the job-seeker’s part. You should understand the employer, the requirements of the job, and the background of the person (or people)… Read More

Our Twin Falls Location has MOVED!

December 14, 2015

We have MOVED to 200 2nd Ave. North in Twin Falls!! The new location is easier to find and we have even MORE room!  Please drop by and see the new office.  If you are looking for work make sure and attend our Orientation to get registered!! Call 208-734-6452 for more information. Read More