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Welcome to a whole new generation of staffing. We’re a privately-owned staffing service, which provides temporary, temp-to-hire and payroll only placements for administrative, mining, farming, construction and technology support in the Idaho, Oregon and Nevada areas.

We work on the principle that “best employee relationships make for best client relationships”. Our clients benfit by working with qualified associates who are invested in their company and focused on the job.

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What We Do

Temporary Employees

temporary employees american staffingThe backbone of our business is providing quality temporary employees to clients who have temporary employment needs. These “Regular Temporary” positions can come available due to vacations, illness, seasonal or cyclical business changes, or a variety of other reasons that require a position to be filled on a temporary basis.The temporary employment relationship is extremely flexible; Jobs can last for as little as four hours or as long as necessary, which is entirely up to the client. While our employee is assigned to our clients, American Staffing is the employer and will cover all payroll costs, taxes, and workers’ compensation expenses. Additionally, all of our employees are bonded and insured.

American Staffing strives to provide the highest quality temporary employees to our clients. We believe that we have a responsibility to be an active part of our client’s business, and we take this responsibility very seriously.  In order to consistently provide the right people for the right jobs, American Staffing thoroughly screens each of our applicants for good references and we get to know them personally by conducting individual applicant interviews.  In addition, we assess all our applicants for job related skills, using the latest automated testing software as well as our own time tested applicant evaluations. The result of these efforts is that our clients receive temporary workers who they can depend on to do what needs to be done.

Temp to Hire

American Staffing’s “Temp to Hire’’ option allows our clients and our employees time to get to know each other, before any regular job offer is made. If a client needs to fill a regular position, we will send a qualified employee to work in the position for a period of eight weeks. During that time, both the client and the employee have time to evaluate the situation and determine the relationship. In addition to allowing both our client and our employee time to get to know each other, “Temp to Hire’’ allows our clients time to evaluate the position being filled.

Perhaps there is a question to whether the position is necessary, or maybe the client is experiencing an increase in business and the position is dependent on if the increase lasts. “Temp to Hire” allows our clients time to evaluate their business without risking the cost of hiring employees they may not need. Although American Staffing requires a minimum of eight weeks before our employee can move onto a client’s payroll, there is no limit on how long a client can choose to extend the evaluation period and there is never a fee for rolling our employee onto a client’s payroll, after the first eight weeks.

Payroll Only

American Staffing’s “Payroll Only’’ option is a great value for clients who have someone in mind for a position, but want time to evaluate the hiring decision. Because American Staffing has not worked to locate the employee, our bill rate to the client is lower. Although “Payroll Only” is similar to “Temp to Hire”, the applicant remains our employee while they are on our payroll and the client can evaluate the decision for as long as it takes; there is no eight-week minimum.

Our Process

Applicant Testing

hiring process American StaffingAmerican Staffing realizes the dynamic nature of the modern business environment. In order to keep up with the changing needs of our clients, American Staffing uses the latest testing software available, along with a full battery of our own evaluations and tests.  We never send an employee on an assignment without verifying that the applicant has the skills required to do the job.

Interview and References

American Staffing firmly believes in positive relations between ourselves, our clients and our employees. To develop this relationship, the staff at American Staffing takes time to get to know our applicants. Through thorough reference checking, we learn about our employees’ work history and habits.  We do not work anyone without a reference.

Full Support

American Staffing sets high standards for our ourselves and temporary employees. There are occasions however, when even the best intentions fail to produce quality results.  If there is ever a problem with our staff or an employee you receive from us, American Staffing is dedicated to resolve any problem in a prompt and professional matter.  We are here to make your business run smoother, not to make it more difficult.  Do not live with the problem, let us know and we will fix it.

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