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Delivery Driver Helper/2nd Man

  • Temporary
  • Pocatello
  • Posted 1 week ago

We are hiring for a Temporary Driver helper/2nd Person in the Pocatello area
Job Description

The role of the temporary driver helper is to assist the driver on the delivery route. The driver helper works in conjunction with the driver to expedite delivery of the packages from the truck to the customer. The packages are organized for delivery within the vehicle and the driver helper quickly walks the package to the customers’ door. While the helper is delivering the package, the driver is readying the next package for delivery upon the helpers return to the vehicle. Temporary driver helpers are not allowed to drive the vehicle. Jobs may be local or out of town.

Main Job Duties:
• Loading and unloading furniture
• Hauling windows
• Putting furniture together
• Seconds man help
• Delivering packages/furniture to correct destinations
• Being gentle with packages
• Using hand trucks and pallet jacks
Physical Demands

The driver helper position is a physically demanding job. The job is fast paced, requiring continual walking. Helpers must lift and carry packages up to 70 lbs. The average package weighs 25 to 35 lbs. that helpers must lift, lower and deliver continuously throughout the workday. Homes may receive multiple packages in one day. The helper will work outside the majority of the day. The weather may be harsh depending upon your area of the country.